4 Bed townhouse for sale in Sansepolcro’s historic town centre, featuring a panoramic terrace and garage. Nestled in a former 15th-century convent, this 280 sqm property near Porta Romana has been restored keeping traditional features. Ideal for those seeking a spacious townhouse in Tuscany, it offers easy conversion into two units, if wanted, and proximity to charming medieval villages and major cities.

4 Bed Townhouse Sansepolcro Tuscany

Located in the heart of historic Sansepolcro near Porta Romana, this unique townhouse boasts a garage and a spacious terrace with sweeping views. Situated just a minute or two from the main square on Via XX Settembre, the 280 sqm (3,013 sqft) property is housed within a former 15th-century Camaldolese convent. It offers the flexibility to be split into two separate living units, with the necessary systems already in place for such a conversion.

Fully restored in 1948 after earthquake damage, and again in recent years, the restoration faithfully used original materials, aligning with the local architectural style. Inside, the townhouse features classic finishes characteristic of the region’s historical buildings, including ceramic and parquet flooring, plastered walls, wooden beams, and traditional masonry fireplaces. The property is well-maintained and ready for immediate occupancy.

Spanning three floors plus an attic, the townhouse includes:
– Ground floor: An entrance hall.
– First floor: Hallway, dining room, kitchen, spacious, well-lit living room with a study area, a bathroom, and a laundry room.
– Second floor: Four bedrooms and a large shared bathroom.
– Third floor: A sizable attic suitable for a bedroom or games room, additional storage space, and a large 65 sqm (699 sqft) panoramic terrace.
The central rooms on each level are suitable for installing a private elevator.

Additionally, the property comes with a 30 sqm (323 sqft) room near the entrance, currently serving as a garage and workshop, with direct street access.

The location offers easy access to Tuscany and Umbria’s renowned towns and cities, thanks to the nearby E45 highway. Perugia and Arezzo are roughly an hour’s drive, while charming medieval villages like Anghiari, Citerna, and Montone are conveniently close. Perugia airport, with connections to many European cities, is also less than an hour away.

  • TYPE: Townhouse with panoramic terrace
  • CONDITION: Restored
  • LOCATION: Historic town centre
  • ACCESS: Excellent, paved road
  • MUNICIPALITY: Sansepolcro
  • PROVINCE: Arezzo
  • REGION: Tuscany
  • INTERIORS: 310 square metres (3,336 square feet)
  • BEDROOMS: 4 (up to 5)
  • ANNEXES: garage
  • MAIN FEATURES: Stone and brick walls, terracotta and parquet flooring, brick arches, fireplaces, wooden beams, panoramic terrace, private garage, systems installed so that the house could be divided into two separate units, independent entrance, the possibility of installing an elevator
  • TERRACE: 65 square metres (699 square feet)
  • ELECTRICITY: Already connected
  • WATER SUPPLY: Mains water
  • TELEPHONE: Already connected
  • ADSL: Yes
  • GAS: Natural gas
  • HEATING SYSTEM: Radiators + fireplaces
  • CLOSEST CITIES AND TOWNS Closest amenities (100m; 2′), Anghiari (10km; 10’), Arezzo (38km; 40’), Cortona (52km; 1h), Gubbio (67km; 55’), Perugia (72km; 50’), Assisi (82km; 1h), Montepulciano (88km; 1h 20’), Spello (89km; 1h 5’), Pienza (95km; 1h 20’), Siena (100km; 1h 40’), Todi (110km; 1h 10’), Florence (111km; 1h 25’), Orvieto (145km; 1h 40’), San Gimignano (153km; 1h 50’), Rome (240km; 2h 30’)
  • CLOSEST AIRPORTS Perugia San Francesco (69km; 50’), Firenze A. Vespucci (132km; 1h 40’), Bologna G. Marconi (178km; 2h), Pisa G. Galilei (192km; 2h 20’), Roma Ciampino (252km; 2h 50’), Roma Fiumicino (266km; 2h 50’)

Sansepolcro, a charming town in the heart of Tuscany, Italy, is a place where history, art, and culture intertwine seamlessly with the natural beauty of its surroundings. Nestled in the upper Tiber Valley, near the borders of Umbria and Marche, Sansepolcro is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. With a population of about 16,000, this small town offers a peaceful yet vibrant atmosphere, making it a perfect destination for those seeking a blend of tranquillity and cultural richness.

### Historical Significance

Sansepolcro’s history dates back to the 10th century, with its name translating to “Holy Sepulchre,” a reference to its religious roots. Founded by two pilgrims, Arcano and Egidio, who returned from the Holy Land, the town was built around a monastery that housed a relic from Jerusalem. Over the centuries, Sansepolcro grew in importance due to its strategic location, becoming a bustling centre of trade and religious activity.

### Architectural Heritage

The town’s architecture is a testament to its rich history. The main square, Piazza Torre di Berta, is the heart of Sansepolcro and a hub of social life. Here, one can admire the Palazzo della Residenza, the former residence of the local podestà (chief magistrate), showcasing typical Tuscan architectural elements. The Cathedral of San Giovanni Evangelista, a Romanesque structure with Gothic influences, dominates the skyline. Its interior houses precious artworks, including a revered resurrection fresco by the Renaissance master Piero della Francesca, a native of Sansepolcro.

### Artistic Legacy

Sansepolcro is perhaps best known for its association with Piero della Francesca, one of the most influential artists of the Renaissance. The Museo Civico, located in the historical centre, is home to several of his masterpieces, including the famous “Resurrection” and “Madonna della Misericordia.” These artworks are not just visually stunning but also embody the mathematical and geometrical precision that Piero was renowned for, reflecting the intellectual spirit of the Renaissance.

### Cultural Vibrancy

The town’s cultural scene extends beyond its artistic heritage. Throughout the year, Sansepolcro hosts various festivals and events that celebrate its traditions. The most famous is the Palio della Balestra, an annual crossbow tournament that dates back to the Middle Ages. Participants dress in traditional costumes, and the event culminates in a dramatic crossbow competition, reviving the town’s historical spirit.

### Culinary Delights

Tuscan cuisine, known for its simplicity and use of fresh, high-quality ingredients, is at its best in Sansepolcro. Local specialities include dishes like tortelli di patate (potato-filled pasta), wild boar stew, and the prized white truffles of the region. The town is also known for its excellent wines, olive oils, and artisanal cheeses, which reflect the area’s rich agricultural heritage.

### Natural Beauty

The beauty of Sansepolcro extends to its natural surroundings. The town is enveloped by rolling hills, olive groves, and vineyards, typical of the Tuscan landscape. The nearby Alpe della Luna nature reserve offers hiking trails and opportunities to explore the region’s flora and fauna. The Tiber River, which flows near the town, adds to the picturesque setting, providing a serene backdrop for walks and picnics.

### Modern Life

Despite its historical and artistic significance, Sansepolcro is not trapped in the past. The town boasts modern amenities, boutique shops, and a lively market where locals and visitors alike can enjoy the best of contemporary Italian life while still being surrounded by the charm of the Tuscan tradition.

Sansepolcro, with its rich tapestry of history, art, and culture, set against the stunning backdrop of the Tuscan countryside, is a place where the past and present coexist beautifully. It offers a unique experience that combines the tranquillity of a small Italian town with the richness of its artistic and cultural heritage, making it an enchanting destination for anyone seeking the essence of Tuscany.

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