Nice little apartment in Italy for sale, located in the Umbria countryside near to Piegaro. 2 bedrooms and great views and less than an hour from Perugia San Francesco airport so ideal for Ryanair flights from Stansted.

2 Bed Apartment Property Medieval Hamlet Piegaro Perugia Umbria

Nicely restored 2-bed apartment property in the heart of a small medieval fortified hamlet with great views over the surrounding countryside.
The property is ideal as a holiday home or for year round use.

The apartment (80 sqm – 861 sqft) is located on the second floor of a historic building and comprises – an entrance hall, living room with fireplace and kitchenette, hallway with two bedrooms and bathroom.

The apartment has been recently finely restored retaining its main and typical characteristics. Outside walls are made out of stone while on the inside are wooden beams, terracotta floors, stone fireplaces and a bathroom with small squared stone tiles. A stone archway in the living room has been closed with a window which both brightens the room and offers a unique view over the surrounding Umbria countryside.

The hamlet also houses a clubhouse with a garden, shared by all the inhabitants of the property. Buying the apartment also includes part of this clubhouse which is shared with the other owners.

The apartment is situated within a small medieval hamlet that sits atop a hill. While the exact origins of this centre are unclear, it likely dates back to a people akin to the Castellieri culture of Northern Italy. However, the first confirmed evidence of its existence can be traced back to the early Middle Ages.

During the 11th and 12th centuries, the hamlet became a source of contention between Orvieto and Marsciano until it was eventually conquered by Perugia. Referred to as a villa, which in Latin means a “fortified farm,” it was home to 24 families at the time. Around a hundred years later, protective walls measuring 150 meters were erected around the town, which transformed it into a castrum, meaning a “walled town.” This new title appears in documents after 1380 AD.

The hamlet faced frequent conflicts and wars in Central Italy, leading to its repeated damage. Perugia, in response, issued tax exemptions multiple times to aid in its recovery (in 1440, 1455, 1470, and 1475). Despite these efforts, the hamlet continued to experience a decline in population. By 1656, it housed no more than 85 people and was eventually completely depopulated by 1960.

However, the hamlet has since undergone meticulous restoration and recovery efforts, resulting in its revival. Today, it offers a unique opportunity to travel back in time and experience the ambience of its historical past.

TYPE Restored apartment property in the heart of a small medieval fortified hamlet
LOCATION Historic centre
SIZE 80 sqm (861 sqft)
FEATURES Stone walls, panoramic view, terracotta floors, wooden beams, stone fireplace,  window views
GARDEN No, but a small shared terrace
ACCESS Excellent
ELECTRICITY Already connected
WATER Mains water
GAS Municipal network
TELEPHONE To be connected
Piegaro (10km; 20’), Montegabbione (11km; 20’), Città della Pieve (22km; 30’), Castiglione del Lago (30km; 40’), Perugia (35km; 50’), Marsciano (36km; 45’), Deruta (42km; 50’), Montepulciano (50km; 1h 5’)
Perugia San Francesco (44km; 50’), Roma Ciampino (173km; 2h), Firenze Peretola (174km; 2h), Grosseto Baccarini (178km; 2h 25’), Roma Fiumicino (188km; 2h 5’)

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