Impressive former monastery and farmhouse property in Umbria converted into a stylish boutique hotel which must be viewed. We are delighted to bring to the market this beautifully restored property with a total of 18 bedrooms, restaurant, pool, gardens. Beautiful home and income property.

Stunning Restored Abbey Property in Umbria Italy

Nestled among the green hills of Umbria, discover a haven of tranquillity—a former Benedictine abbey transformed into a luxurious boutique hotel. Meticulously restored to preserve its profound historical significance, this exquisite property exudes an unparalleled charm. Boasting 18 bedrooms, each adorned with en-suite bathrooms, a charming restaurant, a 10,000 sqm park featuring a pool, and an ambience that is truly one of a kind.

Perched at an elevation of 600 metres above sea level, this abbey is accessible via a well-maintained unpaved road, approximately 3 km in length, gently descending towards the valley. The nearest amenities await in Pietralunga (12 km; 20 minutes by car), while the towns and cities of the Tiber Valley, including Umbertide, Città di Castello, Montone, and Perugia, are all within an hour’s reach.

This former abbey (12 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms) revolves around the original Romanesque church, constructed in the 13th century by Benedictine monks atop the remnants of a Langobardic watchtower, itself built upon a preexisting Roman settlement.
The ground floor adjacent to the church houses a welcoming restaurant/breakfast room, a professional kitchen, and two bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms. The church, now transformed into a captivating conference/event hall, features a delightful bar created in the former sacristy.

Accessible via both internal and external staircases, the first and second floors comprise five independent apartments (each with a living area, cooking corner, bedroom, and bathroom) and three bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms.

A short distance from the abbey, the farmhouse (6 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms) stands as a two-story structure, housing the owner’s residence (a spacious living room with a cooking corner, two bedrooms, and a bathroom), guest reception, a generous suite on the first floor (with a sitting area, bedroom, and bathroom), and three bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms.

The property, meticulously restored in 2008, retains its historical features, including exquisite 16th-century frescoes within the church and rustic finishes throughout the abbey. Surrounding the buildings is a meticulously maintained 10,000 sqm garden adorned with vibrant flowers, gravel pathways, and age-old trees. Adjacent to the abbey, a heated 16x7m swimming pool awaits, surrounded by a stone-paved sunbathing area set amidst the lush lawn.

Encompassing the park are 2.4 hectares of land, predominantly wooded, providing privacy and serenity. To the south of the abbey, a spacious gravel parking area caters to the needs of discerning guests, completing this idyllic retreat.

  • TYPE: Former medieval abbey converted to make a boutique hotel
  • CONDITION: Restored
  • LOCATION: Hilly, very panoramic
  • ACCESS: Unpaved road (3 km)
  • MUNICIPALITY: Pietralunga
  • PROVINCE: Perugia
  • REGION: Umbria
  • INTERIORS: 1,250 square metres (13,437 square feet)
  • BEDROOMS: 18
  • ANNEXES: Farmhouse
  • MAIN FEATURES: Stone walls, wooden beams, terracotta floors, vaulted ceilings, fireplaces, brick arches, original 16th-century frescoes, church with bell tower, loggia, veranda, restaurant, manicured garden, gravelled parking area, swimming pool
  • TOTAL LAND: 3.4 hectares (8.4 acres)
  • GARDEN: Yes, mature and well-maintained
  • SWIMMING POOL: 16 × 7 m
  • ELECTRICITY: Already connected
  • WATER SUPPLY: Private well
  • TELEPHONE: Already connected
  • ADSL: Yes
  • GAS: LPG
  • HEATING SYSTEM: Radiators
  • CLOSEST CITIES AND TOWNS Pietralunga (12km; 25’), Umbertide (22km, 40’), Gubbio (24km; 45’), Montone (25km; 30’), Città di Castello (34km; 35’), Perugia (46km; 1h), Anghiari (54km; 55’), Assisi (60km; 1h 10’), Cortona (60km; 1h 25’), Spello (65km; 1h 5’), Arezzo (82km; 1h 30’), Todi (86km; 1h 25’), Siena (157km, 2h 15’), Florence (157km; 2h 20’), Rome (232km; 3h)
  • CLOSEST AIRPORTS Perugia San Francesco (43km; 50’), Forlì L. Ridolfi (166 km; 2h 25’), Firenze A. Vespucci (170km, 2h 25’), Pisa G. Galilei (224km; 3h), Roma Ciampino (226km; 2h 50’), Bologna G. Marconi (231km; 3h), Roma Fiumicino (246km; 3h 4’)Pietralunga is a small town and comune in the Umbria region of Italy. It is situated in the province of Perugia, nestled in the Apennine Mountains. Here are some key aspects that describe Pietralunga:

    1. **Location:** Pietralunga is located in the northern part of Umbria, not far from the border with the Marche region. The town is surrounded by beautiful green landscapes typical of central Italy, characterized by hills, forests, and valleys.

    2. **Scenic Surroundings:** The town is known for its picturesque surroundings and the natural beauty of the Apennines. The landscape is dotted with olive groves, vineyards, and forests, making it an ideal destination for those seeking tranquillity and outdoor activities.

    3. **Historical Heritage:** Pietralunga has a rich historical heritage, with medieval origins. The town’s historic centre features narrow streets, stone buildings, and historic churches. Among the notable landmarks is the Church of San Michele Arcangelo, which houses valuable works of art.

    4. **Religious Festivals:** The town is known for its religious festivals and traditions. One of the most famous events is the Festa di Sant’Antonio, celebrated in January. During this festival, there is a traditional bonfire, and residents participate in various religious and cultural activities.

    5. **Local Cuisine:** Like many towns in Umbria, Pietralunga offers a taste of traditional Italian cuisine. Local restaurants often serve dishes featuring regional specialities, such as truffles, olive oil, and cured meats.

    6. **Outdoor Activities:** The surrounding natural landscapes provide opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking and nature walks. The Apennines offer scenic trails, allowing visitors to explore the beauty of the region.

    7. **Community Life:** Pietralunga is known for its close-knit community and relaxed pace of life. The town provides a glimpse into the authentic and traditional way of living in rural Italy.

    8. **Annual Palio delle Botti:** The town hosts the Palio delle Botti, an annual event that involves rolling barrels through the streets. This lively competition is accompanied by historical parades, food, and entertainment, attracting both locals and visitors.

    9. **Proximity to Natural Reserves:** Pietralunga is close to natural reserves and parks, such as the Monte Cucco Regional Park. These areas offer opportunities for nature lovers to explore diverse ecosystems and enjoy outdoor activities.

    While Pietralunga may not be as well-known as some of the larger cities in Italy, its charm lies in its authenticity, natural beauty, and the preservation of local traditions. It’s an ideal destination for those seeking a tranquil retreat in a picturesque setting.

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