Historical property – Tuscan hamlet estate. Main villa plus several residential and agricultural buildings. Possible for up to 50 bedrooms.Total of 258.0 hectares of land

Tuscany Historical Estate

This Historical property is located on the Tuscan hills about 20 minutes from Siena and about an hour from Florence surrounded by the oak forests of the Montagnola Senese. It offers an excellent investment opportunity both for a private prestige multi-generation family residence but also it would be ideal as a holiday accommodation business thanks to the presence of several buildings of the hamlet on the estate. The buildings have a total surface area of 2,890 square metres and with planned modifications could accommodate up to 50 bedrooms and 30 baths.
Although the majority of the land, 258.0 hectares – 637.5 acres, is woodland, there was once a vineyard and an olive grove (totalling 5.0 hectares) that could easily be re-established.

The main villa has a surface area of 892 sqm – 9,598 sqft and was most likely erected as a watchtower during the 15th and 16th centuries. It has four storeys, the last of which requires complete repair and renovation before it can be used.
The old kitchen, a lovely vaulted hall, and many storage areas face the central courtyard on the ground floor.
A lovely reception hall and various frescoed chambers circling around the central courtyard can be found on the mezzanine floor, which is reached via a first staircase.
A spectacular 19th-century hall, a library, and many bedrooms and sitting rooms can be found on the next level.
A few bedrooms and a loft are located on the final storey.

The barn has a surface area of 527 sqm – 5,670 sqft and is located directly in front of the villa and is divided into two levels, with the historic wine cellar (no longer in use) and a toolroom on the first floor and a guesthouse on the upper level.

Set right next to the barn, the carpenter’s house has a surface area of 187 sqm – 2,012 sqft and is currently used as a warehouse.
The farmer’s house has a surface area of 478 sqm – 5,143 sqft and is divided into two levels, with stables and storage on the lower level and the farmer’s house on the upper level, following the usual Tuscan plan.

The casalino has a surface area of 148 sqm – 1,592 sqft and is a two-story Tuscan country house with storage on the first floor and a guesthouse on the upper level with an independent entrance.

The monastery has a surface area of 370 sqm – 3,981 sqft and was once occupied by nuns and is located adjacent to the casalino. itis made up of two main wings joined by a central building.
One wing serves as a warehouse, while the upper wing, which is somewhat higher than the first, has been transformed into a lovely guesthouse.

The house of light has a surface area of 54 sqm – 581 sqft and was previously a technical structure for supplying power to the other buildings. It has been completely renovated and converted into a comfortable guesthouse with its own private garden.

The property has a charming manorial chapel (80 sqm – 861 sqft) in the centre of the garden.

A warehouse (82 sqm – 882 sqft) and two stables (totalling 72 sqm – 775 sqft) round out the property.

The main villa on the estate was mentioned in historical documents as long back as 1039 Ad when it was designated as a military tower defending the Sienese countryside.
During the 16th century, the edifice was converted into a villa.
The estate, which was converted into a prestigious private residence by the current owners only a few years ago, has lately been repaired and updated while staying intact in the original construction.

The materials are original, as is the internal plan, which has undergone some consolidation work.

258 hectares of land surround the property (637.5 acres).
The estate’s coppice woodland (195.5 ha) and chestnut grove (26.8 ha) cover the majority of the area.
Arable and pasture land (35.3 ha) cover the remaining areas, which could be used to replace vineyards and olive trees (roughly 5.0 hectares in the past, no longer there).

A lovely historical Tuscan property that is full of character and history.

  • TYPE: Historical property – Hamlet estate
  • CONDITION: Mainly restored
  • LOCATION: Open and sunny
  • PROVINCE: Siena
  • REGION: Tuscany
  • INTERIORS: INTERIORS: 2,890 square metres (31,095 square feet)
  • TOTAL ROOMS: Over 100
  • BEDROOMS: Up to 50
  • BATHROOMS: Up to 30
  • MAIN FEATURES: Old construction, ceilings with wooden beams and terracotta tiles, old terracotta flooring, old fireplace, frescoed ceilings, arches, mezzanine, original old materials, manorial chapel, wine cellar, the possibility of replanting the vineyard, renovation project
  • LAND: 258.0 hectares (195.5 ha woodland + 26.8 ha chestnut grove + 35.3 arable and grazing land)
  • GARDEN: Yes, all around the buildings
  • ANNEXES: Several residential and agricultural buildings
  • ACCESS: Well-maintained unpaved road
  • SWIMMING POOL: No, but possible
  • ELECTRICITY: Already connected
  • WATER SUPPLY: Mains water
  • TELEPHONE: Already connected
  • ADSL: Yes
  • GAS: LPG
  • HEATING SYSTEM: Already connected
  • CLOSEST CITIES AND TOWNS Siena (15km; 20’), San Gimignano (37km; 40’), Montalcino (52km; 1h), Pienza (64km; 1h 10’), Montepulciano (73km; 1h), Cortona (83km; 1h 15’), Florence (84km; 1h 20’), Arezzo (97km; 1h 20’), Perugia (118km; 1h 40’), Rome (244km; 2h 50’)
  • CLOSEST AIRPORTS Firenze Vespucci (93km; 1h 20’), Pisa Galilei (107km;1h 50’), Perugia San Francesco (127km; 1h 45’), Bologna Marconi (180km; 2h 5’), Roma Ciampino (257km; 2h 45’), Forlì (257km; 2h 45’); Roma Fiumicino (285km; 3h), Ancona Raffaello Sanzio (241km; 3h 30’)

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