Farmhouse with vineyard for sale, near to Narni in Umbria, close to the Lazio border. Small established wine estate producing around 20,000 bottles a year with potential for expansion.

Vineyard for sale Umbria Italy

Very nice well-established wine business which has the opportunity to not only increase the vineyard size and therefore increase the amount of wine produced but also the possibiltyof using part (or all) of the farmhouse for holiday accommodation.

The farmhouse (440 sqm – 4,734 sqft) was built at the end of the 19th century using stones and tuff bricks. Originally, the ground floor housed stables and storage rooms while an external staircase led to the living quarters on the first floor. Renovations allowed the conversion of the ground floors into living accommodation, and  the farmhouse is now organized as follows:
Ground floor: entrance with sitting room, kitchen with fireplace, living room with fireplace, two bedrooms (which could be joined into a single ampler suite) and a bathroom;
First floor: four double bedrooms, one of which has a private bathroom and terrace on the courtyard and another with balcony, single bedroom and two bathrooms.

A few metres from the farmhouse there is a small two-story building,  the upper floor of which is used as a boutique shop (20 sqm – 215 sqft) where home produced products from the estate are sold, while the lower level is used for storage.

In front of the farmhouse is a shed (70 sqm – 753 sqft) used as for vehicles and tools needed to work the land.

The wine cellar (400 sqm – 4,304 sqft) is made up of an above ground section (split in turn in two further parts) with the offices of the business and a bathroom, a wine tasting room, the vinification rooms, a dressing room for the workers with a bathroom and a lab. The underground section has a constant and optimal temperature and is almost entirely used for the barrels and the barriques. The rooftop of the building houses a photovoltaic system (20 kWh).

The estate has approximately 16 hectares of land. The vineyard (5.6 ha – 13.8 ac) is planted with many varieties of grape and is capable of producing each year up to 20.000 bottles of wine.
A small olive grove (0.4 ha – 1 ac) is made up of approx. 60 trees which were planted between the 1960s and 2000s and capable of yielding a small quantity of oil, mostly for private use.
The arable land (6 ha – 14.8 ac) is split into two areas, one of which much bigger than the other. The bigger section (almost 5 ha – 12.3 ac) is located adjacent to the vineyard and could be used to plant further vines.
The remaining surface area (approx. 4 ha – 9.9 ac) is covered by woodland, unused land, garden and fruit orchard and there would be (if wanted) enough space to build a swimming pool.

– Vineyard surface: 5.6 hectares (3.2 ha ♦ + 2.4 ha ♦)
– Varieties: Sangiovese (14% ♦, TIN10 + VCR5), Verdicchio (13% ♦, VE2 + VCR107), Cabernet Sauvignon (12% ♦, R5 + Cl15 + 338), Trebbiano Spoletino (11% ♦), Montepulciano d’Abruzzo (11% ♦, VCR100), Sagrantino (11% ♦, Caprai), Merlot (10% ♦, 348 + 343 + 181), Viognier (9% ♦), Vermentino (9% ♦)
– Year of planting: 2004 (Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sagrantino, Merlot) + 2007/2008 (Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, Trebbiano Spoletino, Verdicchio) + 2014 (Vermentino, Viognier)
– Distance of plantation: 2.20 x 0.80 m, except for Sangiovese (2.00 x 0.80 m)
– Altitude: 250 – 350 m
– Exposure: south/south-east
– Average yield: 3,500 – 4,000 kg/ha
– Training: pruned-spur cordon (35%), Guyot (33%), albarello (32%)
– Yearly production: approx. 20,000 bottles
– Containers in the cellar: stainless steel vats (n. 9 for a total of 235 hl), oak barrels (n. 19 for a total of 70 hl), storage barrels (n. 16 for a total of 82 hl)
– Equipment: destemmer, pomace pump, wine-moving pump (n. 4), pneumatic press, fridges with distribution system (n. 2), steam generator 10 kWh, barrique-and-barrel washer, filters, labeler, steel rack for bottle storing (n. 12), manual pallet jacks (n. 2), electric pallet jack (n. 1), conditioning systems (n. 3), air compressor, system for extracting CO2 and support machineries (including pruning shears)

♦ Umbria Bianco IGP (A): Trebbiano 90%, altri vitigni 10%
♦ Umbria Bianco IGP (B): Verdicchio 100%
♦ Umbria Bianco IGP (C): Vermentino 50%, Viognier 50%
♦ Umbria Rosso IGP (A): Sangiovese 50%, Montepulciano 50%
♦ Umbria Rosso IGP (B): Sangiovese 40%, Cabernet Sauvignon 20%, Sagrantino 20%, Merlot 20%
♦ Umbria Rosso IGP (C): Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sagrantino, Montepulciano, Sangiovese
♦ Umbria Rosé IGP: Sangiovese 70%, Cabernet Sauvignon 30%

♦ Umbria Bianco IGP (A): approx. 3.000 bottles
♦ Umbria Bianco IGP (B): approx. 3,000 bottles
♦ Umbria Bianco IGP (C): approx. 2,500 bottles
♦ Umbria Rosso IGP (A): approx. 3,500 bottles
♦ Umbria Rosso IGP (B): approx. 3,500 bottles
♦ Umbria Rosso IGP (C): approx. 2,500 bottles
♦ Umbria Rosé IGP: approx. 1,000 bottles

The estate is well established with a yearly production of approximately 20,000 bottles of nice IGP wines. The plantation of the first vines (2004) produced its fruits two years later with the first vintage (2006). Since then, the estate has grown bigger with the plantation of other vines and the construction of the cellar in 2011.
The farmhouse could be used as a base for a holiday accommodation business, ideal for wine holiday tourism.
Almost 5 hectares of arable land (located next to the existing vineyard) could be easily converted into vineyard use with the plantation of new vines and a following increase of the yearly production.
All in all a very good investment opportunity.

  • TYPE Farmhouse with vineyard for sale. Wine estate with 16 hectares of land (5.6 hectares of vineyard) and modern wine cellar
  • CONDITION Excellent
  • LOCATION Open and sunny
  • PROVINCE Terni
  • REGION Umbria
  • SIZE 930 sqm (10,006 sqft)
  • ROOMS 17
  • FEATURES Walls in stone and tufaceous bricks, wooden beams, terracotta floors, portico, vineyard, wine tasting room, boutique shop, alarm system, irrigation system
  • LAND 16 ha (5.6 ha vineyard + 0.4 ha olive grove + 6 ha arable land + 4 ha unused land, garden and fruit orchard)
  • GARDEN Yes, around the farmhouse
  • ANNEXE Boutique shop, shed
  • ACCESS Excellent
  • POOL No, but possible
  • ELECTRICITY Already connected (6 kWh) + photovoltaic system (20 kWh)
  • WATER Mains water + wells for irrigation with tanks (35,000 litres)
  • HEATING Radiators
  • TELEPHONE To be connected + ADSL
  • NEAREST TOWNS Town with services (5km; 10’), Narni (12km; 15’), Terni (29km; 30’), Viterbo (50km; 45’), Spoleto (56km; 55’), Todi (59km; 1h 5’), Rieti (63km; 1h), Orvieto (66km; 55’), Civita di Bagnoregio (70km; 1h 10’), Bolsena (73km; 1h 10’), Rome (74km; 1h 15’)
  • NEAREST AIRPORTS Roma Ciampino (88km; 1h 5’), Perugia Sant’Egidio (99km; 1h 20’), Roma Fiumicino (103km; 1h 5’), Grosseto Baccarini (175km; 2h 20’), Napoli Capodichino (267km; 2h 30’), Pisa Galilei (296km; 3h)

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