Prestige Tuscan property comprising Chianti historical vineyard estate, 16th-century villa and several residential and agricultural buildings with winery, Agriturismo, consecrated chapel, gardens, 2 swimming pools, hunting reserve and Chianti DOCG vineyards.

Chianti Historical Vineyard Estate For Sale

On the Chianti hills, at the border between the municipality of Castelfiorentino and San Miniato, an easily reached location in the quietness of the beautiful Tuscan countryside, this ample estate spanning over 100 hectares gives a quick and easy access to several of the most famous towns in Tuscany: a town with all the services (6km; 15’), San Miniato (10km; 20’), Castelfiorentino (12km; 25’), the turreted San Gimignano (34km; 55’), the Etruscan Volterra (43km; 1h), the Renaissance and always beautiful Florence (51km; 1h 15’), the fortified Lucca (53km; 1h 10’), Pisa with its famous leaning Tower (56km; 1h) and the medieval Siena (72km; 1h 20’). The sea of Tuscany is also not far away, with Viareggio at just 84km (1h 20’).
The best airports to reach the property are Firenze Peretola (45km; 55’), Pisa Galilei (53km; 1h 20’), Bologna Marconi (133km; 1h 45’), Perugia Sant’Egidio (181km; 2h 20’), Ancona Falconara (285km; 3h 25’), Roma Ciampino (310km; 3h 30’) and Roma Fiumicino (325km; 3h 30’).

The main core of the property is made up of a beautiful 16th century villa (approx. 1,125 sqm – 12,105 sqft) laid out on four floors plus a tower with panoramic terrace.
– Basement: 2 loggias, 3 bathrooms, cellar, living room, closet, sitting room, technical room, laundry room, storage room;
– Ground floor: 4 bedrooms, kitchen, pantry, walk-in closet, entrance hall, garage, storage rooms, 3 living room, 2 living room (with dining room), sitting room and 3 bathrooms;
– First floor: 7 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, closet and three terraces;
– Second floor: ample loft with staircase to the terrace in top of the tower.

Then we find a restored farmhouse (approx. 509 sqm – 5,477 sqft) laid out onto two above-ground floors and internally split into three residential units:
– Ground floor: garage, entrance hall, living room with dining area and kitchen, storage rooms and closets;
– First floor: kitchen, 7 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.

Not far from the previous farmhouse, there is a former barn (approx. 64 sqm – 688 sqft) converted into residence and laid out onto two floors:
– Ground floor: living room, kitchen and bathroom;
– First floor: bedroom.

Another farmhouse (approx. 182 sqm – 1,958 sqft) was fully restored and is laid out onto two floors:
– Ground floor: sitting room, kitchen, closet and garage;
– First floor: 4 bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms.

The wine-making facility (approx. 760 sqm – 8,177 sqft) hosts the cellar and the grape-processing and bottling plants. A short distance away there are a farmhouse (approx. 380 sqm – 4,089 sqft), a firewood shed (approx. 30 sqm – 323 sqft) and an agricultural warehouse (approx. 420 sqm – 4,519 sqft) used as garage and shelter for agricultural vehicles.

A consecrated chapel (approx. 35 sqm – 376 sqft) dating back to the 946 AD is found right next to the cellar of the property.

Finally, a ruined complex completes the property: here we find a farmhouse (approx. 300 sqm – 3,228 sqft) and a storage house (approx. 45 sqm – 484 sqft), both needing rebuilding.

The complex, of considerable size, is in habitable condition, but some works are necessary to some of the rooms to bring them back to their original splendour which has been reworked in forms very distant from the originals.
The buildings have all the typical characteristics of Tuscan country buildings: wooden beams, original terracotta floors, carved stone fireplaces, stone frames and brick arches.
Deserving particular mention is the noble chapel, still consecrated and part of the property. Inside the structure has a single-aisle structure, with the altar on the terminal section below a cross vault and a stone frame.
The tower and the Ghibelline battlements on it are later additions (of typically neo-Gothic taste), built in an attempt to give the villa a more medieval appearance than the original

The complexes of the property are surrounded by 115 hectares of land, split among vineyard (7.7 ha), olive grove (3.2 ha), arable land (75.9 ha), grazing land (4.7 ha), mixed woodland (4.1 ha), coppice woodland (11.3 ha) and garden (8.1 ha). Vineyards are split between Chianti DOCG (6.3 ha) and Rosso Toscano IGT (3.7 ha).
The property also includes a hunting reserve (70 ha) covering arable land, grazing land, vineyards and woodland in the municipality of Florence only.
There is also the possibility of creating a reserve for white truffle (Tuber magnatum), black truffle (Tuber melanosporum) and burgundy truffle (Tuber uncinatum).
The property, given it’s past (and potentially future) use as a hosting business, boasts two pools: the first one is not far from the villa (15 x 7 m), the other one not far from the complex made up of farmhouse and barn (14 x 5 m).

– Vineyard surface: 7.7 hectares (Chianti DOCG + Rosso Toscano IGT)
– Varieties: Sangiovese, Canaiolo, Malvasia Nera, Malvasia Bianca, Trebbiano and Colorino
– Year of planting: 1972 – 2011
– Altitude: 150 m
– Exposure: north-south
– Harvesting: manual and mechanic
– Yearly production: 650 – 750 q (grapes)
– Potential bottles: 60.000 – 70.000
– Maximum wine capacity: 2.000 hl

– Surface: 3,2 hectares
– Altitude: 150 m
– Number of trees: 1,050
– Density (tree/ha): 328
– Average yield: 6.2 q/ha
– Yearly production: 20 q

The property was run until a few years ago as a hosting business thanks to the great number of beds available and the excellent location not far from the most sought centres of Tuscany.
The restoration of the ruined farmhouse could grant additional beds to further expand the business. Currently, ceremonies and marriages are held in the most spacious halls of the property.
Vineyards (with some other parts of the land) are currently rented out, with the contracts coming due on December 31, 2020 and 2021. It is always possible, however, to terminate the contract at the end of each crop year.
The restoration of the ample cellar of the property would allow direct use of the vineyards, thanks to a maximum capacity of 2,000 hl of wine.

TYPE Chianti Historical vineyard estate with a winery, Agriturismo, consecrated chapel and Chianti DOCG vineyards
CONDITION To be restored
MUNICIPALITY Castelfiorentino
REGION Tuscany
SIZE Approx. 3,850 sqm (41,404 sqft)
FEATURES 16th century villa, Chianti DOCG vineyard, consecrated chapel, terracotta floors, wooden beams, stone fireplaces, tower, olive grove, Ghibelline crenellations, hunting reserve, truffle reserve
LAND 115 hectares (7.7 ha vineyard + 3.2 ha olive grove + 75.9 ha arable land + 4.7 ha grazing land + 4.1 ha coppice wood + 11.3 ha mixed woodland + 8.1 ha garden)
GARDEN Yes, around the buildings
ANNEXE Several residential and agricultural buildings
ACCESS Unpaved road
POOL 2 pools,  15 x 7 m – 14 x 5 m
ELECTRICITY Already connected
WATER Private wells + cisterns + mains water possible
GAS LPG (hot water) + Gasoil (heating)
HEATING Radiators
TELEPHONE Already connected
NEAREST TOWNS Town with services (6km; 15’), San Miniato (10km; 20’), Castelfiorentino (12km; 25’), San Gimignano (34km; 55’), Volterra (43km; 1h), Florence (51km; 1h 15’), Lucca (53km; 1h 10’), Pisa (56km; 1h), Siena (72km; 1h 20’), Viareggio (84km; 1h 20’)
NEAREST AIRPORTS Firenze Peretola (45km; 55’), Pisa Galilei (53km; 1h 20’), Bologna Marconi (133km; 1h 45’), Perugia Sant’Egidio (181km; 2h 20’), Ancona Falconara (285km; 3h 25’), Roma Ciampino (310km; 3h 30’), Roma Fiumicino (325km; 3h 30’)

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