Castle real estate, an unrestored 13th-century medieval castle for sale near Cesena in Emilia Romagna. Plans approved for a 25 bedroom boutique hotel and a perfect backdrop for weddings and events but would also make a superb prestige home.

Unrestored Italian Medieval Castle for Sale

This castle was originally built in the 13th century and can be found in the hills of Cesena. Its location, which is halfway between the Apennines and the Adriatic Sea, provides stunning views and is quite convenient. The impressive structure, which is 1,800 square metres in size, is not being used at the moment and is in need of total restoration. A restoration project that would convert the castle into a 25-key boutique hotel had previously been approved. The grounds encompass 13,812 square metres and include a wooded park that completely encircles the castle as well as a magnificent overlook that is ideal for hosting events and gatherings.
All of the essential facilities can be found in the close-by town, which is only four kilometres or five minutes away, and the city of Cesena is only around fifteen minutes away by car. The Adriatic Coast and its most well-known centres, such as Cesenatico, Cervia, and Rimini, are not too far away and can be accessed quickly and easily by automobile.

The 1,800 square metre or 19,368 square foot fortress was first mentioned in written history in the year 1216, when it was in the control of one Umbertino Deusdei. From this point on, ownership was first transferred to the Malatesta family, and then it was given to the Comune of Cesena (as evidenced by a papal bull from 1465). After being the subject of contention between the Comune and the Papal States for a considerable amount of time, the edifice finally became the property of the local diocese toward the end of the 15th century. In the year 1560, the entire complex was razed to the ground, and it was eventually rebuilt into a magnificent bishop’s villa (epigraph dated 1684). The structure in its present form has been around since 1860 (with the exception of the north wing, which was constructed after World War II), and in the early decades of the 20th century, it served as a vacation residence for clergymen.

The building has been abandoned for a number of years, and in order for it to be put to use again, extensive renovations are required. Over the course of time, restoration plans have been developed, including one that was extremely thorough in 2006. These plans envisioned transforming the structure into an exclusive boutique hotel.
The hotel lobby, a restaurant with a professional kitchen (connected to storage rooms, pantries, and dressing rooms in the basement), guest bathrooms, four handicapped-accessible bedrooms with private bathrooms, and a studio apartment would all be located on the ground floor of the building. If one were to ascend to the upper floors using a staircase or the soon-to-be-built elevator, they would then have access to the hotel’s actual accommodations, which would include three roomy apartments (living room with kitchen, bedroom and bathroom), five studio apartments, and twelve quaint bedrooms, each with their own private bathroom and loft space.
The structure is protected by the Superintendence of Archaeology, Fine Arts, and Landscape; nonetheless, a conservative restoration would allow the building’s distinctive elements to stay intact while yet ensuring sufficient freedom for the building to be put to commercial purposes.

A magnificent terraced belvedere with a view of the valley below may be found on the northeastern side of the castle, between the two avant-corps, and beyond the portico. When the weather is extremely clear, one may make out the Adriatic Sea in the horizon. The old well and a number of trees are at the heart of the terrace and offer shade during the warm summer months.

Also on the northeast side of the castle is a park with mature trees, and a portion of the ground might be used as a parking lot for guests. In total, the castle is surrounded by 13,812 square metres of land (3.4 acres).

  • TYPE: Medieval castle real estate – plans for a hotel
  • CONDITION: Needs to be restored
  • LOCATION: Hilly, very panoramic
  • ACCESS: Excellent, paved road
  • PROVINCE: Forlì-Cesena
  • REGION: Emilia-Romagna
  • INTERIORS: 1,800 square metres (19,368 square feet)
  • BEDROOMS: 25+
  • BATHROOMS: 28+
  • ANNEXES: no
  • MAIN FEATURES: Brick walls, wooden beams, vaulted ceilings, original floorings, wooden doors, terraced belvedere, park with centuries-old trees, private well, porch, sea view, renovation project
  • EXTERIORS: 13,812 square metres (3.4 acres)
  • GARDEN: Yes, to be recovered and landscaped
  • ELECTRICITY: To be connected
  • WATER SUPPLY: To be connected
  • TELEPHONE: To be connected
  • ADSL: Possible
  • GAS: To be connected
  • HEATING SYSTEM: To be installed
  • CLOSEST CITIES AND TOWNS Town with services (4km; 5’), Cesena (10km; 15’), Savignano sul Rubicone (13km; 20’), Cesenatico (21km; 30’), Rimini (36km; 45’), Repubblica di San Marino (38km; 1h), Forlì (39km; 40’), Ravenna (47km; 45’), Faenza (55km; 45’), Pesaro (67km; 1h), Imola (69km; 55’), Urbino (90km; 1h 25’), Bologna (100km; 1h 15’), Ancona (145km; 1h 40’), Florence (212km; 2h 35’)
  • CLOSEST AIRPORTS Forlì L. Ridolfi (32km; 35’), Rimini F. Fellini (38km; 40’), Bologna G. Marconi (105km; 1h 10’), Ancona R. Sanzio (121km; 1h 20’), Firenze A. Vespucci (200km; 2h 10’), Verona V. Catullo (241km; 2h 30’), Venezia M. Polo (254km; 2h 35’)

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